5 Reasons to Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding Day

You’re engaged!

When planning a wedding, the first things that most couples book are the venue, registrar or vicar and photographer. There is so much to think about when planning a wedding. So why consider hiring a videographer?


1. Relive your day (with all the emotions)

We’ve found that so many couples are really nervous on their wedding day. So much so that they hardly remember parts of the day. Whilst your suppliers should try their utmost to put you at ease, your wedding day is life changing and you’re bound to feel a little nervous. As videographers, we film your day as it unfolds and edit the footage down so that you can relive all the best parts. We recently had this feedback from Julia Cox: ‘We are so glad we had a video as now I can actually see what the ceremony was like rather than the blur I had remembered it to be up until now!’


2. Vows and speeches

Your wedding day is about making promises that you intend to keep for life. Good videographers use a range of lapel and on camera microphones during your ceremony to ensure that every promise is captured in high quality sound.

Well written speeches are absolutely priceless. With a good video, you will have a record of all the wonderful words that were spoken about you by your closest loved ones. And you will be able to share these with family and friends who were unable attend your wedding.


3. First dance

Opening the dance floor is one of the highlights of your day. If you’ve been practising your dance, your favourite song is playing and you’re surrounded by family and friends wishing you well. What better way of capturing the moment than with video?


4. Seeing relatives and friends

This is one of the reasons I personally treasure our own wedding video most. We were married a few years ago and since then, we have lost some family members. It is so special to see departed relatives and friends enjoying our day with us, even hearing their voices again. Julia’s comment really resonated with this: ‘My wonderful Nan passed away last week and so receiving our video has put a smile on my face and also allowed me to relive the last time I saw her.’


5. A valuable keepsake

When your day has passed and your dress is put away, your photographs and video will be some of the only keepsakes left to remind you of your day. We recently had a comment from one of our grooms saying that if their house ever caught fire, the first thing he would rescue (after his family, of course) was their wedding video. I think that sums up how valuable a possession it is to him.

Would you consider hiring a videographer? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Posted on February 4, 2016 in Wedding videography

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